What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants (VA's) are small business owners …. entrepreneurs, like you. We pay our own taxes and supply our own benefits. We provide support to our clients remotely so they don't have to deal with the grueling effort associated with an on-site employee (space, equipment, training, etc).

My support services are customized for my clients. Administration isn’t a once and done event. It is ongoing work that must be attended to, and accomplished, throughout the life of a business in order for it to grow, generate revenue, and run smoothly.

  • I cultivate ongoing, collaborative partnerships .....
  • I get to know you and your goals ..... 
  • I learn how your business works .....
  • I am as passionate about your business as you are .....

VA's support you from the context of an entirely virtual environment. I communicate with my clients using basic and state-of-the-art technology.

Virtual Assistants are bright, highly trained, and will be your partner for success.

As your VA, I will ask lots of questions to get to know you and your company. 
I will listen to what is said (and hear what is not said). 
I proactively respond to situations. 
I am an expert problem solver and idea generator. 

I will always stand for you and your business.

As your business partner, I will ask you to:

  • Be open and communicative
  • Delegate tasks and projects
  • Trust me as your partner and collaborator
  • Honor my standards
  • Respect me as a small business owner, like yourself
  • Depend on me without being dependent on me

How can I help you achieve your goals, grow your revenue, and support your thriving business?