What's the Next Step?

Contact me to schedule an introductory 15-minute call. This call is set up for us to introduce ourselves, hear each other’s voice, and for you to have an opportunity to ask basic questions of me, my practice, and my interview process. At the end of our call, we will decide if we want to schedule a more detailed follow-up conversation.

During the follow-up call, or assessment step in our process (allow 60 minutes for this call), you should be prepared to discuss any combination of the following topics:

  • How do you like to communicate?
  • What are your business standards?
  • What are your business goals? Personal goals?
  • What do you spend the majority of your time doing?
  • What drains you the most?
  • Can you provide a list of your challenges / opportunities?
  • How do you feel about collaborating?
  • Are you comfortable delegating?
  • Are you technologically savvy?
  • Do you plan and prioritize or work in urgent-mode?
  • How much time will you need from a VA? Weekly? Monthly?


Let's create a collaborative partnership to achieve, grow, and thrive together!